Total revitalisation of mind and body through, HOT, COLD & OXYGEN therapies, so you can experience optimal health and perform at your truest potential! 


We are located in the heart of Sydney city and currently the only wellness centre in Australia to offer a combination of HOT therapy (infra red sauna), COLD therapy (whole body cryotherapy) and OXYGEN therapy (hyperbaric oxygen chamber). These therapies when used individually, can be extremely effective for treating multiple issues however when combined together you can expect to see your health sky rocket. It’s our mission to get everyone not only experiencing optimal health but performing at their truest potential.


Our therapies combine cutting-edge technology with ancient practices to help you experience optimal health. Whether you are a busy executive, a sports player, suffer from pain and inflammation or just simply want to feel your best, our therapies can help, repair injuries, enhance training, relieve pain, detoxify the body, improve mental clarity and have you feeling more energised than ever before. A one-hour session with us will be like hitting the reset button and you will leave feeling completely revitalised. 


Far-Infrared Sauna

A far-infared sauna session is perfect to soothe aches and pains, eliminate toxins and de-stress from everyday life. Our sauna uses light technology, harnessing warmth and life giving properties of pure sunlight, whilst eliminating the harmful Ultra Violet (UV) rays.



Whole body cryotherapy is a pain-free therapy that cools the exterior layer of the skin with sub-zero blasts of air in a cryo sauna. A cryotherapy sauna session exceeds all the benefits of an ice bath, without the painful and long submersion into icy cold water.


Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy

Just simply breathing fresh air can do amazing things for your health and wellbeing. HCO health is combining the powerful effects of specialised breathing techniques, meditation and hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT) for the ultimate health experience.


“HCO health is an amazing asset to my wellness routine. I’ve found the combination of Infrared sauna, Hyperbaric Oxygen and Cryotherapy really helps me reset after a big week of training. Any aches and pains are instantly ameliorated, my recovery time reduced and I always leave feeling shiny and new! The staff are friendly and there are lovely changing rooms and showers which makes for a convenient mid-woking-week visit.”

“I’m in love with all the therapies at HCO Health.Cryotherapy is my favourite for an instant energy boost after a big week of work, and the infrared sauna has become a regular weekly treat to help me de-stress and unwind. The oxygen therapy leaves me clear headed and ready for anything. The facilities are beautiful amongst the BodyMindLife yoga studio and are super convenient, only a minute walk from central station.”

Charlotte IronsHCO Health


We are located in the heart of Surry Hills, Sydney and only a two minute walk from central station. We are part of the BodyMindLife yoga and pilates studio at level 1/84 Mary Street.


We have a great range of pricing packages for our HOT, COLD and OXYGEN therapies.